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Love These Havanese - The Small Dog With A Big Heart
About Us
Hi there!  My name is Phyllis Wolfe; my little girl on your left is Penny Win, and my big fella on your right is Biloxi Beau.  We live in beautiful Bastrop, Texas, just thirty minutes east of Austin,and two hours west of Houston, Texas.  Our story began when my shiny new husband, Warren, decided he wanted a Havanese puppy.  Warren and I were married in November of 2010, and we got Beau in April of 2011.  Tragically, my husband passed away from a fatal heart attack the day after we got Beau.  I was amazed at the sensitivity of this little guy with a huge heart.  He stayed at my side for a month, just comforting me, and here he was a little thing just taken from his momma.  My neighbor would come over, and Beau would jump and play, but when she would leave, he would quietly lie beside me, regardless of my small attempts to play with him.  I discovered this Havanese puppy to be a very intelligent, outgoing and sensitive dog, and Beau and I have a very strong bond.  Since I had to return to work, and my husband was no longer around, I acquired a female Havanese puppy, Miss Penny Win to keep Beau company during the day, and from there, we became a family.  Now, our family includes Roxie, Lacy, Jazzy, and Sonny.  All the girls have been wonderful moms, and Beau and Sonny strut around like very proud, protective fathers. UPDATE:  My, how the time flies.  As of Spring, 2019, Beau, Penny, and Roxie have all retired.  They are living their golden years chasing squirrels and living the good life here with me.  My females retire at age six, so we are now down to Sonny, Lacy, and Jazzy as the busy parents.
If you are not familiar with this breed, you are in for a grand surprise and treat! They are known for having a big dog mentality in a little body.  Never nervous, always cheerful and ready to love everyone, these dogs are the sweetest little things you could ever ask for, and they are non-shedding!  Please read more about the breed on my blog.
Bastrop, TX 78602
(713) 392-5999

Nursery (by my bed...nice)
Nursery (by my bed...nice)
Penny and pups in nursery - I bought a great, fancy whelping box and put it in the guest room. Mommas say, no thanks, we're happy in your bedroom by your bed. Great. As you can see, my puppies are lovingly raised in my home with all considerations for safety, fun and nurturing love.
toddler digs (in breakfast room...nice)
This is where the puppies stay. They quickly choose to potty in the "facilities" in the rear as they don't like to soil their own bed. At five weeks, they start to go outside to play. They quickly learn the art of the doggie door from their parents. Click on photo to see larger version.
toddler digs (in breakfast room...nice)
This is the pups' dam, Penny.  She has a very sweet temperment and five champions in her immediate bloodline
Proud mommy, Penny Win!  Penny has a very sweet, gentle temperament, and she doesn't like trouble! Recently, Beau had a dryer sheet in his mouth, and I told him to drop it!  Penny calmly walked over, took it from his mouth, and dropped it at my feet.  Born November 25, 2010, with five champions in her immediate pedigree, Penny is a definite princess! Click on the scanned documents below to see the parents' pedigrees!
Penny, & Beau's Pedigrees

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