Love These Havanese - Buying a Puppy
Love These Havanese - The Small Dog With A Big Heart
Buying Information
GENERAL INFORMATION· Buying a puppy can be a confusing process, and you will find the prices for Havanese tend to vary from $900 to $3000.  The higher-end priced dogs usually have completed their confirmation in shows and are sold as show dogs.  My dogs are my pets; for their comfort and my convenience, I tend to keep them in puppy cuts, as their long hair does require frequent brushing, and they will collect leaves and debris from the yard. I do not enter them in shows, but this does not mean they are of inferior quality.
 Never buy a puppy from someone who does not have the parents on the property or will not allow you to see the home environment. Listen to your instincts and do not buy a dog from anywhere that hints of a puppy mill. Puppies will be sold to approved homes only.
  The buyer will have two days from the date of purchase to have their new puppy examined by a vet at the buyer’s expense.  A full refund will be guaranteed during that time if the puppy should be deemed in poor health or condition by the vet.
  A contract between the buyer and seller will be signed by both parties, and the buyer will receive a copy with the current vaccination schedule and take-home pack.
  Puppies will be ready for their new home when fully weaned, around 8 weeks old.  The buyer may visit the puppy during the wait period for early bonding as long as an appointment is made prior to the visit.
 A $300, non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy, with the remaining balance of $1500. The puppy must be fully paid for before going to its new home.. Many breeders have application forms buyers must fill out to qualify for a puppy.  I do not.  I have yet to meet a Havanese buyer who wasn't a wonderful person!  It seems to go with the breed! 
 Shipping is available for the additional cost of the crate and shipping only. Note:  No breeding.  Puppies must be spayed/neutered.
  Dogs are pack animals.  When your new puppy enters your home, it will begin immediately to define its place in the pack.  Your family will be the new pack.  It is important that you are firm but gentle.  Use a crate to train your puppy to use the bathroom outside.  A young puppy is like a baby.  People don’t allow their small babies to roam freely around the house, and it is generally accepted that a playpen keeps the child safe.  The same applies to your new pup.  Keep it on a leash in the kitchen while you cook or clean.  Take it outside as soon as it wakes up, right after it eats, and right after it plays.  Any accident in the house is not your puppy’s fault; it is yours.  Use the crate for naps and bedtime; toss in a couple of healthy puppy treats to encourage your puppy to go inside.  Expect some crying, but completely ignore it.  Do not cave in!  Dogs naturally seek a den for rest, and your puppy will come to regard the crate as its private, safe place.  Use a small crate for a Havanese puppy.  A large crate will just allow your puppy to sleep at one end and potty at the other – just what you don’t want to encourage. Use LOTS of praise when your puppy goes potty outside.  Each time you begin to take him/her outside, say something like, “Potty outside?”  Then, brag, brag, brag when the job is done, saying, “Good, potty outside!”
  Don’t waste your time yelling at your Havanese.  They do not respond to it; it only excites them.  If needed, hold the pup by the scruff of the neck and give it a gentle shake with a firm but not loud, “No”.  Immediately show the dog the desired behavior or place, or replace the unwanted item with a toy and a word that says, “yes”.  Your dog will want to please you, but understanding what you want will be confusing.  Too many words and a loud voice will only cloud the message. 
  Will your dog be home alone during the day?  Being pack animals, a dog can become bored and lonely if left alone.  I had a Bichon Frise who was a little destructive terror when alone.  My two Havanese have never gotten into the trash, eaten wires, or destroyed anything.  This breed does want to please, but I also think having each other during the day has been a tremendous benefit.  If you can, get two!  They are no more trouble than one, and they will entertain each other and you!
  Read about quality dog food online, please.  My dogs eat Nutura Ultra  It is pricey, but after reading about inferior dog foods, I have no qualms about spending the extra money.
 Buy a small crate, leash, toys, water and food bowls, food , treats and a snuggle blanket.  I use microfiber baby blankets.
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