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Be the Alpha

Ever watch Ceasar Milan, the Dog Whisperer?  Here are a couple of tips from him:

A. Dogs need three things and in this order:  1) Exercise 2) Discipline 3) Affection
       Exercise -  Often, dogs that seem out of control or naughty are just in desperate need of exercise.  Boredom can create havoc - make sure your dog gets exercise. Havanese don't require great amounts of exercise, but a short 15-30 minute walk gives them great pleasure.  
        Discipline - Do not yell or hit your Havanese!

AKC Inspection

Love These Havanese was inspected last October.  We passed with flying colors, and the inspector said, "These dogs are living large!"  Ha!  Yes, we do run a 5-Star Doggy habitat and nursery here.  He also said if he were buying a Havanese, it would be from a breeder like us.  Nice!

Healthy Dog Treats

I recently discovered a healthy treat my dogs just love!  See pic of Cod Skins - 100% cod skins that gives dogs the Omega 3 & 6 they need.  They are crunchy sticks.

Tips for Dog Bed

Dog beds get dirty, so to keep my dogs' beds clean, I buy the large rectangle beds and use crib mattress protectors and baby bed sheets.  A weekly wash of the sheets keeps the bed nice and clean!  See photo of our latest member of the Wolfe gang, Lacy, playing in her slightly soiled bed - time to change the sheets!

Grooming your Hav

Want to save time and money on grooming?  Invest in a grooming table and professional dog dryer.  I did, and I have not regretted it.  True, I have three dogs, but it would be worth it if I only had one.  I used to bathe my dogs between grooming visits, trying to cut down the grooming expense, but drying them in the bathroom with my hair dryer seemed to take forever.  Plus, they would try to get away from me, and they would sit down on me, hiding their feet, and turn on me, hiding their tail.  Drying each one took about 40 minutes.  All that is in the past!  With an investment of about $150.00, I now dry them in half the time, and for some odd reason, they stand on the table like the little show dogs they are supposed to be!  I found my table and dryer on Amazon.  They are by Go Pet.  Here is a link:

Puppy Thieving - July 16, 2015

So, Penny had Quannah on July 13, and Roxie had her litter of ten on July 1.  Both moms were in my guest room in whelping boxes separated by a divider for privacy.  I knew Penny was having just one pup and Roxie was having ten, so I was hoping to enlist Penny's help with two of Roxie's puppies, but I wasn't sure if Penny would accept them, as she and Roxie have not had litters together before.  The following events are absolutely true
1. July 16 - Penny and Roxie hear each other's puppies whimpering, and the moms growl soft warnings to each other to stay away.

Crate alternative

People sometimes feel guilty about crating their dog, but a dog will seek out a den on its own, and a crate becomes a natural, secure and private place to call their own.  No need to feel guilty.  However, for those who have two puppies or have to be away from home all day, here is an alternative.  I use these pens I found on Amazon for my litters.  They come in sections, and can be configured in multiple ways to fit any area.  I use two back to back, one with the door off, so my puppies go through the open door to the second pen to potty on potty pads while they are tiny.  From the moment they are just beginning to walk, the puppies naturally seek out the pads to use for potty, keeping their own bed clean.  

Report Card for Pumpkin and Casper

Puppies are definitely still babies at ten weeks old, so I am amazed at the progress of these two little ones.  They have been racing out the doggy door with mom and dad to potty in the grass. This alone would not overly impress me; however, the last three days I have found no poo in their toilet area in their pen.  Yesterday morning, it was raining lightly, and Pumpkin raced outside to potty, turned around and ran back in, raced around in nervous circles and went back out into the drizzle to poo in the yard.  This morning, they were starting to cry in their pen before I got up.  This is unusual, but when I let them out, they ran out the door to potty.  Really?  They definitely have the concept down!  If these little ones end up in your home, do not expect them to be fully trained.  They are still babies, and babies are forgetful when they are having fun.  But with supervision, these two are going to be potty trained very early.  I'm so proud!  Woohoo!  


I've tried a number of different harnesses, and I thought I was happiest with the little jacket kind until I discovered the harness pictured here.  This harness goes on very quickly, is soft, and when the leash pulls, the harness tightens in the chest area, rather than around the throat.  I really love these and recommend them!  And they go right in the washing machine. Amazon and Walmart carry them.

Safe Chews for Dogs

Dogs love to chew!  Dogs have a natural urge to chew, especially while teething.  If not provided with a safe chew stick, your dog, and especially your puppy, will be quite satisfied with a chair leg or bed post, and we don't want that!  Rawhide is not digestible, so forget those.  Nylabones are good, but personally, my dogs have never given them a second look.  Shank bones are great, yummy treats, but when you don't have a soup bone handy, there are two safe options your dog will enjoy.  One is calf hooves.  I know, we don't really want cow hooves lying around the house, but keep your bed post in mind here.  The other good choice is bully sticks.  These are made from bull muscle; they get soft when wet, and they provide hours of satisfying entertainmnet.  They are pricier than the calf hooves, but for those who cant go the idea of the hoof, the bully stick is a great alternative.  The ones pictured are sold on Amazon, but it doesn't have to be this brand.  Just look for bully sticks.  :)
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